5 Star Mobile Salon, Inc.

Specializing in: Natural Hair * Wigs * Braids *Extensions * Signature Weaves & Protective Styles

His creations has been featured in hair shows and barbers conventions  all over the world but nothing compare to his dedication to giving back to his community in Washington, DC area. Anthony, host back-to-school and prom cuts for young men ranging in ages from 6- 19 years of age in the community.  His famous quotes are "WHEN YOU LOOK GREAT, YOU AIM TO BE GREATER"  "TAKE PRIDE IN YOURSELF AND WORLD WILL RETURN SUCCESS BACK TO YA"

He's craft and passion pours out with each and every client he engages with. While conducting his interview. I've witness him cutting several heads, and arching several lady brows with clippers and a straight razor. I thought....WHOA!!! HE"S AWESOME! 

Okay! Okay! I got my brow arched as well after seeing his skills.