5 Star Mobile Salon, Inc.

Specializing in: Natural Hair * Wigs * Braids *Extensions * Signature Weaves & Protective Styles



Our Elite Team


Miss Keirdra (Kei)


Miss Tammy

Executive Manager


Salon Coordinator


Mrs. Jai Ellis, is the Brand Ambassadors for 5 Star Salon
Master Hair Stylist and Consultant Specialist 27 yrs

 Hair Loss Specialist over 20 yrs

Specializing in - Medical hair systems, Custom Wigs & Weaves for hair loss clients, Signature Weaves, Lox extensions, Strand by strand Infusion, Natural Hair Care,Seamless systems.

Mrs. Jai Ellis, comes with over 20 yrs of experience with an extensive list of awards, accreditation's.  She is crossed-trained in all services provided by our salon and has clients from all around the world that have received her legendary signature weaves, services and extensions. 

Advanced Appointments  ONLY 
 15 % fee for VIP Stylist

Mr. Anthony J. - Master Barber of over 30 yrs.

Specializing in - Eye Brow Arching (free hand straight razor), custom brow coloring, custom cuts & designs. He has won Master barber of the year for the past 15yrs. His unique flair and keen eye for precision allows him the ability to customize cuts for the entire family.

Advanced Appointment ONLY  
   10 % fee for Master barber

Miss Jolie Hair Extension Technician 11 yrs

Specializing in -Strand by Strand, Cold / Hot / Shrink Link / Micro link INFUSION, Hair braiding and Cuts.

Miss Tina - Hair Loss & Extensions Technician 10 yrs

Specializing in -   Regrowing natural hair, Natural hair care, Custom extensions and Braiding.

Miss Angel - Natural Hair 6 yrs.

Specializing in - Hair braiding, and Natural Hair care.

Angel, has over 10 in the beauty industry with 6 yrs as a Natural hair styles.